samedi 16 avril 2011

Closerie des Lilas, pt. 3

A final collection of source sketches. See if you can match the faces.

Here is my "key" drawing--it's just the briefest sketch of the room. You can see the blonde girl and her two interlocutors. Very sketchy.
There was this bartender and a bigger guy--I combined the two. I like the Mike Hammer look of him in the final. Like he's about to pound the leering man, who you can see here in a less covetous pose.

But I see these original pages, and I wish I could have fit double the amount of people in the final! So many characters....

When I got around to concocting the big image, I realized I needed more details of the room, so I hunted down a few pix from the internets. But they were very lo-res and rudimentary--which is probably all to the good. Made me rely on my memory, and the "feel" the room left with me.
p.s. I hope it is noted that I stole no faces or poses from the above photo least, I don't think.

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