mercredi 20 avril 2011

Bar du Marché, pt. 2

When I returned to Paris a few years after our long stay, I was surprised to see that the Bar du Marché had hired a new, almost Chaplin-esque waiter--and he was Chinese. He's the one you see here. I'll put up some more studies of him.

I loved this guy.

Winter was coming on the day I drew these. When he wasn't running the tables, he kept his hand inside his overalls.

Unfortunately I didn't get either of his co-workers into the big drawing--they were big strapping lads the ladies could swoon over. Total opposites of this guy.

It's still rare to see non-white faces working as waiters at any of the middle echelon restaurants, (though diversity continues to improve in just the few years since we first arrived).

In his over-sized cap and baggy overalls, he definitely looked ready to star in a Mack Sennet comedy!

UPDATE: The staff here at Brush Pen Paris screwed up--this post has been up for nearly a week sans artwork. Oof!

Heads will roll.

In the meantime, here's an extra shot of our hero (we won't call him a little tramp...).

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