dimanche 24 avril 2011

Bar du Marché, pt. 3

Bikers. Spotted @ Bar du Marché on a different day. It was not uncommon to see a group of men grab a few tables and sit for a long stretch, enjoying a drink and what looked like intricate conversation. Often multi-generational. Fathers, sons, nephews, etc. Or just bikers on a break.
You don't see that much over here, do you? Seems like over here, any group of adult males spotted congregating at a coffe shop/café are either having a business meeting, or a bible study. Seriously! I see bible study gatherings, men in bike shorts who've just worked out together, men on their lunch break taking group sustenance. We American men need a purpose-driven reason to gather. No whiling away the hours with idle chit-chat for us. This ain't some kinda socialist country!
(The real meanings behind "socialism"--having the time to be social?)

I could be wrong about this.  But that's how these man-gabs always struck me in Paris.

Sometimes the group looked shady, and the business questionable. But that might just be my own...projection.

Shady or not, often it seemed familial.

We're less reliant on public spaces for our own, American get-togethers. In our own families, I guess we see plenty of ourselves, our friends, when they come over to watch, say...Kings vs. Sharks!

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